Small mixed-media collage against a white background.
Collage by Julia Laing on a shelf beside a succulent plant.
Close up of right side of paper collage.
Mixed-media painted paper collage with off white mount on a white desk.
Mixed media paper collage on a shelf beside a potted cactus.
Collage on a desk with a ruler for scale.
Julia Laing Studio

Irregular But Balanced - Small Mixed-media Paper Collage

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A small vibrant abstract paper collage. 

I loved creating this small paper collage. I worked intuitively using mixed painted papers. The different paper elements were pieced together to make an abstract composition, with pleasing colours, textures, and shapes.  


Mixed-media paper collage, with gouache, acrylic paint, pastels on mixed papers.

Comes with a certificate of authentification.

(c) Julia Laing 2019

The artwork measures 12cm by 9.2cm, with cream card mount measuring 21cm by 15cm


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