Look At The Kittens! Introducing Marco and Melba.

Look At The Kittens! Introducing Marco and Melba.

What can I say about this...? It was supposed to be a lifestyle shot for the most recent print to be added to my Ko-fi shop, but as you can see, this little fluffy one has stolen the show!

I’d really been missing having a cat around the house, and was lucky that I chose just the right time to call Lothian Cat Rescue; they had 10-week old kittens almost ready to go, although they stressed that they would not hold onto any kittens for us, and they would have to be checked over by the vet before they could be allowed to leave.

Robb and I made an appointment to visit, trying to keep an open mind. Neither of us wanted to bring home a cat who wasn’t right for us, or expect to be offered a kitten…but it was like being a child waiting for Christmas, I bursting with excitement! When we arrived we were taken straight to the kitten pen and introduced to four beautiful, sleepy, fluffy bundles of joy. So come on…how on earth could we choose only one?

It had to be two! This gorgeous pair, Melba and Marco have been with us for almost a month now. They’re growing and learning fast. At the moment they’re inseparable and both so full of mischief! They’re great company! They run around the house for hours, chasing plastic balls, with bells inside. Their favourite toy has been a crisp bag folded into a triangle, which was perfect for batting around, carrying and chewing. Everything that isn’t nailed down is fair game for them to steal and hide. They love the fishing rod toy that Robb made for them from a piece of plastic tubing, with a toilet roll tube attached with twine. They jump higher than you’d ever believe is possible to catch their cardboard prey and will keep on going and going… eventually only stopping because we need a rest!

Keeping them safe has been the top priority, which means we’ve had to kitten-proof the house. This week Robb finished fitting a new sliding door on my workroom, which was previously doorless and has been boarded-up with some hardboard since they arrived (making working difficult, as you can imagine). Now, I’m able to write this at the table in my room, which is a massive improvement. So much better than slouched on the settee, fending off playful kittens. Wonderful as they are they don’t make great assistants, as yet.

Something I have noticed is how maaaassive other cats look, now that I’m accustomed to the dainty proportions of our little ones.

What’s that you say…? Enough about the kittens…back to the print!

It’s a colourful abstract from last year when I was working on a coastal theme and learning how to use digital design software. I based the design on stacked lobster pots, or creels as they’re known here in Scotland.

If you’d like some bright and cheerful art for your home the PNG file is available to download for FREE in my Ko-fi shop!

Thanks for reading. Speak to you again next week!


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