Me Made May 2019

Me Made May 2019

My Pledge

I, Julia Laing, sign up as a participant of Me Made May 2019. 
I endeavour to: prioritise wearing me made clothes and accessories, mend and improve all my existing clothes, so every item in my wardrobe is wearable and make at least one new outfit, using materials I already own, in May 2019.

The Challenge

Now in its 10th year, Me Made May is a personal handmade clothing challenge thought up by Zoe Edwards. To learn more and to sign up to the challenge visit this post on Zoe's blog.

I've been watching along from the sidelines on Instagram for the last few years and have loved seeing all the beautiful handmade clothes, being made and worn by folk I follow, but have always been hesitant about signing up myself. This is mainly because I misunderstood what the challenge was all about. It's really a personal commitment, rather than a daily photo challenge, and you can adapt your pledge to suit your own aims for the month.

After a big clear out of my wardrobe, there aren't many clothes I've made myself left, only 2 or 3 garments in total, plus a couple of scarves. Over the past year and a half, I first lost 3 stone in weight, and then gained one back, so this has left me with mainly ill-fitting clothes, and a big pile of mending. Quantity isn't important. I'm more interested in having clothes that fit well, that are practical to wear, made from comfortable natural fibres, and in colours that suit me...not easy to find on the High Street, especially on a tight budget.


My plan is to wear my handmade clothes more often and try to be more mindful / experimental in my choices instead of grabbing my 'go to' jeans and jumper combo every day. Before making any new clothes, I'll tackle the mending pile, with the aim of improving what I have so I can love owning and wearing it once again. I also want to make at least one new full outfit, using only materials I already have...and I have a lot, so no excuses there! 

Follow my progress

I'll be sharing the odd photo of my progress with outfits, mending and making, throughout the month on Instagram @julialaingstudio. With only 3 handmade garments to choose from just now, it wouldn't be possible to create new outfit posts every day, plus I wouldn't want to bombard my followers with selfies so I'll most likely be sharing in my stories. You can also see photos from everyone else taking part by following the hashtag #memademay2019 . At the end of the month I'll review my challenge and see how I managed to stick to my pledge.

Thanks to Zoe for creating such a great challenge and if you're taking part this year - Good luck!


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