Shop Update  - Patches and Pins, Mixed Media Art

Shop Update - Patches and Pins, Mixed Media Art

 Hello again! Yesterday I updated my shop to include three paper patchwork artworks. They were made around May 2017 but this is the first time they've been available to buy.

The starting point was a series of small monoprints and ink drawings based on dressmaking pins, which became the basis for the paper patchwork pieces...Oooh that's a bit of a tongue twister!

Each piece evolved organically, as I added more paper patches to balance the composition and hand stitching for colour, texture and to hold it all together. Although they're abstract there's a crafting theme running through them, with the pins and the the patchwork, and also some of the papers I used were culled from old knitting magazines. I enjoy building layers of texture and meaning like that. 

I was working on these in my conservatory, and as the sun streamed in, the light was often dazzling. To capture a flavour of these happy sunny days I decided to add some iridescent sequins to the mix. I really love the way they shimmer when the light hits them.

Here's a look at the back...lots of interesting textures there too!

Patches and Pins, number one (above)

Patches and Pins, number two (below)

I made a kind of geometric web, using blue back stitch, which acts as a contrast to the other elements of the composition but at the same time unifies them and binds the whole piece together.

Again, lots of stitches and texture to see on the reverse.

Dappled light sequins with red and pink stitches on the smallest of the three.

Patches and Pins, number three

One question people have been asking is how they should be hung. They're for sale unframed, so you can really choose whatever suits your own style at home.

I think they would look good mounted on white board, in larger frames, which leave plenty of space around the irregular shapes. I've also seen chunky clear frames where the artwork sits between two clear pieces of perspex - this would be great for showing off the back as well as the front. However, you might prefer to hang them as they are which would emphasise their irregular shape and if that's your preference, I'd be happy to attach a hanging loop on the back.

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